About Us

Company Profile

We “Intaglio Ceramica” are leading exporters of tiles. Born in India, our base is in Morbi, Gujarat. Using the worlds’ topmost manufacturing processes, keeping our standards higher than others, a great network of suppliers, and a great shipping service, We at Intaglio have always been successful in serving our clients with what they need. We have completed several orders throughout the world and have never disappointed our clients. With a very good network, we can process and ship orders quick without any delays from our end.
Our Porcelain Tiles, Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles, are the bestsellers.
And, we have also made Tile Shopping online which is the Future. We have a full online database of all the products, making tile shopping easy and convenient like never before!
People think “How can Tile Shopping be done online?
Just try Intaglio. You wont regret how seamless can online tiles shopping can be!!!

"Quality without Hustle"

"India to the World"


Our mottos say it all!


Our key focuses are-


“Keep Quality at its best, THE BEST”

“Keep prices reasonable so that it fits everyone’s pockets”


Our Mottos are our Missions, Vision and Goals!

We really want to take India to a whole new level of Tile Exports!

Our Founder

Mr. Dakshesh Patel



A very friendly and a result-oriented person. He strives for success. A very cheerful, happy and yet a determined person are a few qualities of him. He works 24*7 for the company, keeps on bringing new ideas for the company himself.

His mission is to make Indian Tile Exports the best in the world!

You may contact him on info@intaglioceramica.com or else marketing@intaglioceramica.com will pass on all the messages, directed to him.


Our Customer Service

We provide the most honest customer service in the world. Yes, the MOST HONEST.

The reason we claim this is, you can connect with our customer support direct via email. Our team responds quick.


You can send an email or directly call our Founder. He will take care of the rest.


This is the amount of help we provide. Thus, we treat our customers as God.


How many tiles can a human brain think of? We have it all!

We have each and every type, variety, color, finish, etc. in our tiles. We have matte finished, glazed and various other finishes on offer.

2,500 designs- YES! WHOPPING 2,500 DESIGNS. That’s just an example of how much variety we have on offer!