Welcome to the World's Best Tile Shopping Experience!

Below given is the complete procedure of buying Tiles at Intaglio Ceramica:


  1. Choose Your Preferred Language: On our brand new website, Customers have the option to select their own language. We currently support 13 major languages. We'll be adding more in the near future.
  2. Know Us: We advise to go to the 'HELP' section to read about our Company, one can view our privacy policy, our business certificates, and latest FAQs.
  3. Scroll through the Menu: Customers can find the 'Catalog' option which consists of several products we have on offer. If any difficulty arises you may check our dedicated 'Help' section.
  4. Choosing the Right Product: Each Product of ours is grouped specifically in the right way based on its size, inside each size we have grouped it based on its characteristics, and inside characteristics we have the exact product in different shades. It's all systematic and we have designed the website in such a way that no confusion should arise! Also customers can actually see how many tiles will be in each box, and how many boxes of that specific tile will fit in a container! 
  5. Adding the Product to Quote Cart: Customers need to add all the products the finalize to 'QUOTE CART'. Signing In into with an account is necessary to keep your cart saved.
  6. Sending the cart for a Quote: To get a quotation, customers need to submit the 'Quote Cart' to us. This option can be found on 'Quote Cart' Page.
  7.  Getting a Quote: After sending a Quote Request, customers should get an email with their requested quotation within 24 hours. It will contain all the prices for the requested quantities and also the payment terms.
  8. Sample Product: Customers can request for a sample product, solely on Intaglio's discretion. 
  9. Finalizing the Deal: Customers can finalize the Quote and place an order. We require an advance payment, generally some percentage of the total amount for order processing. 
  10. Payment Methods: We accept a wide range of payment methods. We accept Wire Transfers, LC's(Letter of Credit), etc. More information is available on the website. We will provide our payment details during the quote process email.

          Payment should be done as per the process:

          A) 30% Proforma Invoice Amount during Order Placing,                                                     70% Proforma Invoice Amount during Loading.


          B) 30% Proforma Invoice Amount during Order Placing,                                                       70% Proforma Invoice Amount against Bill of Landing (BL).


          C) 100% Proforma Invoice Amount against Bill of Landing (BL).


          D) 100% Advance Payment during Order Placement.

  1. Post Payment: Intaglio will start processing the order. Order Processing times are 25 days(+-1 week) but is variable. You might be surprised you could even get the delivery within that time. But its good to always keep a buffer. Based on the payment method chosen by the customer, customer details, vessel booking conditions and  other processes, which would be handled by Intaglio (but paid by the customer), the order processing and dispatch times might vary. Before shipping the order the client has to make the complete payment i.e. before loading the containers. More can be read in the payment terms. 
  2. Tracking: Intaglio will regularly update the customers regarding their orders through emails. 
  3. Order Dispatch: Post complete payment and clearing all paperwork, the order would be loaded and dispatched to the respective country.
  4. Help: Intaglio will always be with the customer incase of any help is needed.
  5. Getting your Order: Intaglio will prepare the order based on the 'INCOTERM' chosen by the customer during order finalization. All of them have different charges.
  • Ex-Factory: If Ex-Factory is chosen, we take care of packing and production(Customer is responsible for Shipping). We take the responsibility Till the product is packed.
  • FOB: If FOB is chosen, we take care of everything till the product is safely loaded in the ship at the Departure Port. We will ship the BL within 1 week of the customer making the complete payment (via DHL). 
  • CIF: If customer chooses CIF, we take care of everything till the destination port, which includes freight charges and insurance. We take care of everything till the product reaches the destination port.